Premium bokashi bran (bulk 22 lb)

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Save over $53, and also economize the most on shipping cost with this 22lb bulk purchase!

Take a big step towards eliminating your food waste and improving your garden’s soil structure with our premium bokashi bran. Made with the highest quality bacterial cultures and double fermented, our premium bokashi bran is teeming with live microbes which are ready to ferment and compost your food scraps.

Our 22lb offering is perfect for sharing with friends and family, and for those wanting to use bokashi as a soil amender (see more uses for bokashi in the description below). In addition to offering great value, this is our most environmental offering as packaging is reduced to a minimum.

The 22lb bulk package includes our 4-Step and Troubleshooting Guide to Bokashi Composting, a cup for scooping the bran and 2 heavy duty zip-lock bags for daily bokashi storage and use.

Find out what’s exciting modern soil biologists, and discover for yourself how your gardens will thrive on the garden friendly probiotics packed within this premium bokashi bran.



Save over $53, and also economize the most on shipping cost with this 22lb bulk purchase!

Our premium compost accelerator (bokashi bran) is a careful mix of bran and molasses, and is infused with billions of beneficial bokashi microorganisms. It has been double fermented, using the highest quality bacterial cultures (enhanced EM1 +), to ensure that it’s teeming with billions of live microbes, ready to ferment and compost your food scraps. These beneficial microbes are proven to be a key ingredient for building healthy and productive soils, and plant roots thrive on them.

This 22lb comes packaged in a double tied off, heavy duty plastic bag. Our strict production process ensures that our bokashi bran is always of optimal quality and freshness, before delivering to your door.

What’s included in this 22lb package?

Each 22lb bulk package includes:

  • 22lb of premium bokashi bran,
  • 4-Step and Troubleshooting Guide to Bokashi Composting,
  • Cup for scooping the bokashi bran,
  • 2 x heavy duty zip-lock bokashi bags for daily bokashi storage and use

Other uses of bokashi bran

Microbe rich bokashi bran has multiple other household uses! In addition to building better soil, you can also:

  • dig it into existing compost piles to help re-invigorate them (this is especially popular during the colder winter months). With the addition of bokashi, life quickly returns to the pile, greatly speeding up the pile’s activity and quality of compost.
  • see great results by adding it directly to the garden as a soil enhancer. Simply dig in a cup of bokashi per cubic foot of soil before planting into your garden or potting containers. The bokashi provides perfect conditions for plant root development.
  • add it to kitty litter boxes, animal cages and outhouses to help control odors. Simply sprinkle the bokashi bran in these areas for a noticeable difference.

Storing bokashi bran

Bokashi bran is best stored in an airtight container, out of direct sunlight, and within a few degrees of room temperature. When stored correctly, our bokashi bran will remain fully active for up to 18 months. The 2 x heavy duty zip-lock style bags we include with this package are airtight, and good for daily bokashi use and storage (they hold about 1.75lb each). For storing the remainder of your bulk order we recommend you place it in your own sealed and airtight container(s). This will promote optimal freshness and maximum shelf life.


We choose our packaging carefully, always use materials that are recyclable, and avoid unnecessary packaging for all of our shipments. Our bokashi bran bags are made from 100% LDPE and are fully recyclable, where facilities exist. This is the same material as plastic grocery bags, meaning that our bokashi bran bags are recyclable wherever grocery bags can be recycled. We do not use styrofoam of any kind in our packaging, nor unnecessary tapes, stickers or film wrapping. All of our items are shipped in recyclable cardboard boxes. Please re-use or recycle.

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